Courmayeur (1224 m elev.) is a small town located in northern Italy, at the foot of the southern side of Mont Blanc, at 4810 m, the highest point in the Alps and western Europe.

Main Attractions

Skyway Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc), is a cable car in the Alps. The Skyway links the Italian town of Courmayeur with Pointe Helbronner (3466 m elev.) on the southern side of the Mont Blanc mCopyright and served by the Vallee Blanche Aerial Tramway, which crosses from the peak to the nearby peak of Aiguille du Midi, the French the cable car connecting Aiguille du Midi to the village of Chamonix, Courmayeur’s sister city.



Val Ferret is the name of the two separate valleys, departing from the Col Ferret on the border between Italy and SwitzeCopyright by: Switzerland Tourism By-Line: Maeglirland, on the southern and eastern sides of the Mont Blanc Massif. The Lacs de Fenetre are three small mountain lakes at the end of Val Ferret, on a mossy plateau overgrown with cotton grass, between Great Saint Bernard and the Mont Blanc massif.



On the route of the Tour du MCopyright - Andrea B. 2015 Tripadvisoront-Blanc is the Casermetta barrack (2365 m elev.), reached from La Visaille (Val Veny, Courmayeur), the Casermetta barrak, today, is  a trans-boundary environmental education center. During the summer, the staff of Safe Mountain Foundation, organizes awareness-raising workshops on topics.


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