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Here you’ll find an unbiased Switzerland travel guide for people who want real advice on where to go and what to do, and to experience the best that Switzerland has to offer.

Travel to Switzerland evokes many images: flower-covered meadows, bell-ringing cows, chocolate, Heidi, and of course, fairy-tale mountains! The thing is, Switzerland is all this and much, much more. While there are many beautiful, intriguing places around the world, very few are as scenic and awe-inspiring as Switzerland. It’s one of those places that not only lives up to its billing, but exceeds all expectations.

The people are friendly and honest, travel is easy and reliable, the food is good, the history is rich, and many villages and valleys seem as if they’re plucked from a dream. The Swiss Alps are a paradise for hikers, train buffs and chocolate lovers, and are a stunning destination for travelers of all stripes. Our Switzerland travel guide is designed to help you discover all the beauty, culture and adventure that this stunning destination holds.

If you’re interested in an organized hiking tour or a custom self-guided tour of any type to Switzerland, see our Self-guided Tours page and check out Alpine Hikers, our tour company website, which specializes in guided hiking and trail running tours, as well as self-guided, train and sightseeing tours with affordable, personalized services.

You don’t need to be a hiker or skier to travel to Switzerland and have an unforgettable vacation. The country is extremely accessible and beautiful, with fantastic sights for everyone, and that is the central message of our guide.