Guarda is a tiny hillside village in the lower Engadine region, and makes many short-lists for most beautiful village in Switzerland.  With just a couple small hotels and shops, there’s not much to do in the town itself except relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery.  The entire Engadine region is notable for the traditional sgraffito architecture, made by etching decorations on the plaster as it dries, and Guarda with many fine examples, has won prizes honoring the preservation of its architectural heritage.

Guarda is accessible by train followed by a short bus ride up to the village, and can be visited as on a daytrip from any of the larger Engadine villages, but it’s also a great place to stay for a couple nights.  If you’re overnighting in Guarda, nearby attractions include the Swiss National Park, the larger village of Scuol (with it’s notable hot springs), and hikes to places such as the Tuoi hut above town.