Zurich is easily Switzerland’s largest city, but really, it’s not all that big. The city is tidy, attractive and walkable,  and sits on a pretty lake.

The airport is very manageable and is superbly linked by train to the city center (a 10 minute ride). Zurich’s center is filled with stylish shops, great restaurants, walkable streets, and lively nightlife. There’s nothing wrong with Zurich.

On the other hand, I don’t recommend spending too much time in Zurich, simply because there doesn’t feel (to me) like there’s a whole lot to do here. Lucerne has more sights, and is probably a better overall destination. Nonetheless, if you’re flying to or from Switzerland you’ll probably be spending a day in Zurich, and it will be worth it. It’s a very pleasant place to spend half a day.

If you’re just staying in Zurich for a night, either at the beginning or end of your trip, you might consider staying at an airport hotel instead of downtown. They’re convenient to get to, with easy shuttles to and from the airport. There are many airport hotels that are clean and comfortable, and much more affordable than staying downtown. And it’s still easy to spend a day exploring Zurich, and go by train or taxi to your hotel at night. I usually stay at the Ibis hotel at Zurich Airport-Messe for good price and amenities. [bookmark]


Main Attractions

Kunsthaus Museum of Fine Arts, Zurich

The Kunsthaus Museum of Fine Arts, is an art gallery in Zürich. It houses one of the most important art collections in Switzerland, assembled.

Zurich National Museum

The National Museum in Zurich, contains the largest collection of cultural-historical objects in the country.


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