Swiss Transfer Ticket

The Swiss Transfer Ticket is a fairly basic pass. It comes in 1st or 2nd class and is good for 2 days of free travel within Switzerland in a one month period. This should be for travel from an airport or border to your destination in Switzerland, and back to any airport or border.

You choose the days that you will use for free travel, and write them into your pass yourself.  The Transfer Ticket does not give any other privileges… no discounts on mountain top trains and cable cars, no museum privileges.  It’s really just for getting to and from your destination.

You can buy this pass in combination with a Half Fare Card (the Half Fare Card is itself half-price if bought in combination with another pass like the Transfer Ticket), and this becomes a very good combination.  Until 2015, this combination was known as a Swiss Card.  The Half Fare Card is good for a month, and starts from the first day you validate your Transfer Ticket.  It simply gives you 50% discounts on almost any tickets you buy… point-to-point tickets, mountain top trains and cable cars, even 50% discounts to the top of Jungfraujoch.  A trip to any one region of Switzerland is usually pretty well covered by a Transfer Ticket plus Half Fare Card combination.




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