Obersteinberg is a quiet mountain inn and working farm at the upper end of the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland. It’s one of the most beautiful and authentic places I know.

The inn dates from the late 1800’s, and has a variety of small, simple rooms with bathroom down the hall.  There are no lights or electricity (they have candles and oil lamps instead), and meals are taken family style in the common dining room.  Milk, butter and cheese all come from the cows next door.

It takes some hiking to get here – over 3000 ft uphill – but it is a memorable night and well worth it.  The region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Obersteinberg inn is surrounded by stunning mountains and waterfalls in seemingly every direction.

A night at the Obersteinberg inn is always a highlight of our popular Bernese Oberland Traverse self-guided tours.