Meiringen is a small town at the foot of several mountain passes.  Although most of the truly big Bernese mountains are visible from town, Meiringen is still a good base for hiking and exploration into the surrounding countryside.

There are a ton of interesting things to do near Meiringen.  Just on the edge of town are the famous Reichenbach Falls, a spectacular waterfall known to Sherlock Holmes as the place where Moriarty wrestled Sherlock to his death.  Sherlock Holmes is a bit of a draw in Meiringen, and you can view the living-room of the famous detective located, in Meiringen, in The Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Other nearby things to do include the Ballenberg Outdoor museum, the Trift hanging bridge, the Aareschlucht gorge, the tranquil Engstlenalp farm and mountain inn, or the Schwarzwaldalp inn and nearby Rosenlaui Gletscherschlucht gorge.  If you’re driving or biking over passes, the Susten pass just east of Meiringen is gorgeous, and the Grimsel pass to the south is also very nice.