Haute Route Hiking Tours

The Haute Route is the series of trails linking Chamonix in the Mont Blanc region of France to Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn.  Originally famous as a winter ski route over glaciers, the hiker’s version has also gained traction as a great hike.  For hikers, the route is a bit different, going further down into the valleys and crossing passes into a new valley just about every day.  There are mountains, glaciers, huts, small villages, and everything in between.

It’s the most rugged and remote trip we offer through Alpinehikers, and quite a few of our guides say it’s their favorite hike in the Alps.  It’s a beautiful hike, of course, and if your goal is to get up high, see big mountains and stay away from larger villages, this is the place to do it.  But it’s also a little tricky, with big strenuous passes to cross almost every day, and a number of things that can go wrong, especially if the weather does not cooperate.  So it’s not for everybody, and if you’d just like to go hut-to-hut hiking in the Alps, there are beautiful routes with more moderate hiking options in the Bernese Oberland, the Dolomites, or even the Tour du Mont Blanc.  But if you like big, strenuous hikes, don’t need a lot of comforts, and want to get away from the villages and the crowds, the Haute Route is one of the best hikes in the Alps.

Our self-guided Haute Route hiking tours at Alpinehikers include hotel and hut reservations, airport transfers by van (Chamonix) and train (Zermatt), luggage transfers, maps, detailed route notes, and plenty of advice on whether this is the appropriate route for you, when to go, and what else you might add to your trip.




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