My Favorite Bakeries in Zermatt

I visited Zermatt, Switzerland this summer, 2016 and while ambling down Bahnhofstrasse from departing the Bahnof railway station for my favorite bakeries [or Bäckereien], I was pondering how much I enjoy the amazing food and desserts here. And, not only the delicious and exquisite flavors and presentation, but the elevated quality of it all. Holding this thought, I realized I have several favorite bakeries on this street. Suddenly, I felt energized and excited because I just arrived at the first one…

The Hörnli Bäckerei Zermatt (“Handmade & Delicious”) offers so much here! Their website explains their history – the second generation to spoil their clientele with tried-and-tested baking and confectionery traditions. The bakery offers a large variety of breads, sandwiches, and pastries prepared fresh every day and completely from scratch! Upstairs above the bakery is the Hornil Café serving fine snacks, a variety of crêpes, delicious tarts, apple strudel and coffee and specialty teas. Moments later an exchange of Swiss Francs for pastries having German names translated to English such as, “Good grief this tastes amazing!”, “There is a Heaven and it has crust, fruit, and alpine whipped cream on it”, and my favorite, Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte.

My next stop was Biner Bäckerei-Konditorei Zermatt, having one of my favorite brownies with hazelnuts or without. The brownies pack very well for hiking because they are firm yet moist. Biner’s also offers chocolates of my type and some in the image of the Matterhorn. There selections of cakes and fruit tortes is the best I have experienced. The sandwiches and breads are good too, as expected. Biner’s website shows amazing pastry creations which must be seen to be fully realized. Biner’s has two locations in Zermatt, Bahnhofplatz and Uferweg.

Fuch’s Bäckerei makes excellent sandwiches for the trail from their daily bread (and local meats and vegetables) all made by hand… Swiss butter, finest-grade flour, select chocolate and fresh fruit all ensure genuine taste and flavor. My favorite here is the Whymperli – they say it is an alternative sweet pastry made from Valais rye flour AOP (appellation d’origine protégée or protected designation of origin) and walnuts. The end of the bread is dipped in 65 percent Maracaibo chocolate…no words here just groans and full checks of delight. Fuch’s makes fine chocolate specialties. One can find Fuch’s delicious offerings in three locations around Zermatt.

Zermatt offers so much… incredible mountains, great-skiing, fabulous hikes, world class hotels.  It’s good to know they do not fall short in the bakery department either!

The author, Jerry Mark has made over 10 trips to Switzerland, and can often be found running the trails and mountain marathons earning his daily allotment of baked treats.


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