Chocolate Train

If you want to see a chocolate factory while in Switzerland (and who says no to that?), you really might want to consider a day on the Chocolate train.

Starting from Montreux, this is an all-day journey in a classic Pullman car.  It takes you through beautiful scenery from the vineyards surrounding Montreux to the bucolic, rolling farmland and Switzerland’s Gruyères region.  The first stop is the village of Gruyères.  This medieval hilltop village is extremely charming, with one short main square surrounded by old city walls.  Gruyères is home to a castle, the surprising HR Giger museum, and the Gruyères show cheese factory, where you can see how the region’s famous cheese is made.

After a stop at the cheese factory, the Chocolate train continues to the tiny nearby village of Broc, where you take an informative self-guided tour of the Maison Cailler chocolate factory.  Careful with those free samples!  The trip is pretty long – almost 8 hrs – and you can definitely go to Gruyeres and/or the chocolate factory on your own without booking the Chocolate train, but it’s also a fun excursion.

You definitely need a seat reservation in addition to a ticket or rail pass, and the Chocolate train is 1st class only, so if you have a 2nd class pass, you will need to pay for a 1st class upgrade in addition to the seat reservation.  And the Chocolate train doesn’t run every day.  It runs on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in May, June, September, and October, and every day in July and August.


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