Champex is a small lakeside village along the both Haute Route and TMB in Valais, Switzerland.  It’s a tiny village with just a couple of shops and a handful of small hotels, and it makes a very pleasant stop.  There is a forested pedetrian walkway around the lake, and paddleboat rentals are available if you would like to go out on the lake.  There are quite a few trails around town, some of them along pretty irrigation channels (called bisse or Suonen) with abundant blueberries.

A chairlift from the edge of town can take you 700 meters into the mountains to a place call la Breya, where you can take a rugged high-level walk to the glacier-hugging d’Orny hut.  The Fenetre d’Arpette is a popular pass (an optional variant along both the Haute Route and Tour du Mont Blanc hikes) that can also be done as a dayhike from Champex.

Champex is one of those places that doesn’t get a lot of attention as a destination, other than through-hikers on the Tour du Mont Blanc and Haute Route.  It doesn’t have a lot of top attractions or even much in the way of famous mountains.  But it’s pretty.  It’s peaceful.  The hotel owners are friendly and do a nice job.  It’s a secondary destination for sure, but also a very nice place to linger for a few days and enjoy the atmosphere.


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Tours & Other Resources

Self-guided Hiker’s Haute Route – starts in Chamonix and passes through Champex way to Zermatt over eleven days of inn-to-inn hiking and stops in gorgeous villages.  This is a tough, rugged route over high passes and is a great trip for strong hikers.

Self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc – the classic route and most popular inn-to-inn trek in the Alps.  Our itinerary takes you over a series of passes through France, Italy and Switzerland.